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Diversity and Equality Values Statement



Initial text for starting a statement of equality

1. Diversity and Equality Values & Statement
The following statement has been accepted by Decision Dimensions Ltd. Decision Dimensions accepts that it will be judged against this statement and intends to demonstrate the principles and values in how it designs, implements and monitors the Diversity and Equality Scheme.
1.1. Decision Dimensions Ltd is committed to:-

  • Preventing any form of direct or indirect discrimination or victimization, promoting equal opportunities for women and men, openness and equality in our dealings with each other and in the way we provide services.
  • Supporting equal opportunities for people with disabilities.
  • Fostering equal opportunities for ethnic minorities.
  • Promoting a good and harmonious working environment where all men and women are treated with respect and dignity and in which no form of intimidation or harassment will be tolerated.
  • Encouraging positive approaches to diversity, ensuring all staff are coached in understanding their own stereotyping (thoughts and behaviours) and increasing our awareness and understanding of the feelings of others.
  • Fulfilling all legal obligations under the relevant legislation and associated Codes of Practice.
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of the policy at regular intervals.
  • Taking any necessary positive/affirmative action including setting goals and timetables.
  • Reviewing this policy and its effectiveness annually.

These statements set out what we are striving for and something both clients and staff can be held accountable. We commit to not engaging with any company, organisation or individual who does not comply with these principles in full and will cease trading and working with those organisations in breach of our general principles. Furthermore, this policy will be incorporated into the disciplinary policy and procedure and will be strictly applied.

Decision Dimensions Ltd will adhere to all equality acts including the race relations act of 1976 and any amendments and additions to legislation. Under the Act, there are a number of duties placed upon organisations to promote race equality, namely, general and specific duties.
General duties:
The general duty takes the form of three distinct areas of:-

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination.
  • Ensure equality of opportunity.
  • Promote good relations of opportunity.
  • This ‘general duty’ aims to make race equality a central and integral part of the way the company works.
  • The general duty is supported by a series of ‘specific duties’, which are intended to be the means by which Decision Dimensions meets the ‘general duty’.
  • These ‘specific duties’ are set out in steps, methods or arrangements which Decision Dimensions will follow to help meet the general duties.

2.0 Decision Dimensions’ specific duties are:-

  • Identify relevant functions and policies.
  • Assessing and consulting on proposed policies.
  • Monitoring policies for adverse impact.
  • Publishing the policy review results.
  • Enabling access to information and services.
  • Training staff about issues relevant to the ‘general duty’.
  • Decision Dimensions staff and management will also adhere to all equality legislation:-

To take account of all potential discrimination, including:

  • Gender,
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion

2.1 Values Statement
Decision Dimensions also takes a very strong approach against bullying in the workplace, and for the concept of work-life balance. The management of Decision Dimensions believe strongly in equality and fairness, the values of the company mirror this desire to ensure that all staff and clients are treated equally and fairly.

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